Jamie Reimer Business Coach

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One-on-one sessions to move you forward over a minimum of 3 months.


Kick off your goals with a one time 90 minute strategy session with a detailed action plan to move you forward.

be ready to achieve

Next-Level growth

Strategy Session

Let's hop on a call and discuss what's happening in your business, hash out details of where you're stuck and figure out how to get where you want to go!

action plan

I love to give you homework and things to do! You'll have action items to complete to keep you moving forward to achieve your goals.

Moving Forward

My goal for you is to keep you moving forward, making sure you're on track to where you want to be. You set your goals, I'll help you take the right steps to get there.


Checking in to see where you are, what your priority is, and what you're getting done will keep you unstuck.

Voxer Access

Voxer is an amazing tool to leave voice messages for each other. It makes it so easy to talk through a problem and discuss (without hopping on a call and interrupting life).

Enjoy your business

Don't ever make decisions for your business because that's what everyone else is doing. Create a business that you love and creates the life you want.

let's talk!

book a free discovery call!

During our 20 minutes discovery call, we’ll walk through the goals you have for your business. Where you are now and where you want it to go. If desired, I’ll share with you how we can work together to achieve your goals!

free 20 minute call

love your business


“Honestly, after the first month I didn’t know if I was at the right stage/mindset to be investing in a coach, but now I feel like my business will grow ten fold with your guidance.”

Who is Jamie?

Meet Jamie Reimer

I started a kids activities blog in 2010 just for fun and turned it into a high-revenue multi-six figure per year business that practically runs itself.

Learning to utilize team member strengths, prioritizing income over followers, and setting up a successful recurring revenue stream has all lead to my monetary success.

However, my freedom in my flexibility is my biggest success.

And that's what I want for you.