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The Importance of Project Planning

The Importance of Project Planning

Let me tell you about my last launch enrollment for my membership.

On the 4th day of our free challenge leading up to enrollment, the day before we opened enrollment…

Unavailable for Promotion

I left town on a girls trip for 5 days with my best friend to go run a 5K in Colorado (and meet an Olympian Steeple Runner!)

We drove for 32 hours in the car. Chatted for hours. Had a GREAT time.

And I only pulled my laptop out ONE TIME to check on things. (We had a tech hiccup.)

No Last-Minute Scrambling

I don’t do rushing or scrambling to write last minute emails. Or social posts. Or anything for that matter.

Plan All Tasks Leading up to Promotions 

We have everything planned out and done ahead of time, so when the time comes… it just happens.

We are available for emergencies and customer service (which my team is amazing at taking care of by the way, and I only get notified of the really odd thing or two).

My team’s priority is on the customer during our launches.

We don’t our focus to be on what email to write next.

How do we do this?

We plan.

We make a timeline with due dates.

And we work our way backwards from the launch date.

  • What needs to get done?
  • What needs to get done to get THAT done?
  • Who needs to do that?
  • What will that be waiting on?

And we pad our time.

Because life happens.

Make your project task timeline a PRIORITY.

And EVERYTHING will be easier.